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Perú Cuisine



The precursors of Peruvian cuisine in New York, The Rojas Parra started this project in October of the 2015 from their home where each Peruvian resident felt at home remembering Peru. Today we are in the heart of New York (Middletown) firm in transmitting and delighting with that hospitality and home seasoning to the entire city and visitors. Our Philosophy is summed up in being “A Family that serves Families” that is why we convert one of the best gastronomies in the world at affordable prices for all. Visit us and allow us to have the honor of serving you, the only risk you run is to want to repeat every day.

The idea of Peru Cuisine originated when a group of peruvian individuals were seeking for a place to dine that acquired the taste of their home country. Another group of individuals whom visited Peru also creaved a place to dine to bring back memories of their visit from Peru. Althought the media, television, social networks, etc. Can potray a sense of insight of Peruvian culture, the opportunity to expand knowledge about it was among us. The sole intention is extend the levels of appotunities to individuals to have the choice to dine with Peruvian food. After extensive and theore conversations about the likelihood of finding a place to dine like Peru Cuisine, the founders, Brendyn Eduardo Rojas Parra, Juan Rojas Parra and Enrique Rojas Parra felt the this was the opportunity to show individuals a taste of Peru.



To make known in New York the richness of the gastronomy of Peru from a homemade look.
The Peru Cuisine restaurant ensures that its preparations are made with Peruvian ingredients, inspired by the varied local traditions, in addition to claiming and valuing a gastronomy that is revealed and surprises every day around the world.
Peru Cuisine restaurant has come to enter Peruvian cuisine in New York for more than 5 years.



Make New York value and endorse Peruvian cuisine as a quality product.
Entering the local market, we project to the expansion with the same name inside and outside the city.

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